Let's fight COVID-19!

With the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that doctors be enabled with technology that can help them assess patients remotely.

eDhanvantari does just the same! Following all the regulations and directives for telephonic consultations by Maharashtra Medical Foundation, we enable doctors to consult over telephones or video calls while conforming to all the requirements in the directive.

You help the patients, and we shall help you!

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments in calendar, send SMS and Email notifications to patients, and plan your day at the clinic optimally.

Telephonic Consultations

Do telephonic consultations without bothering about the regulatory requirements. eDhanvantari covers them.

e-Prescription & Billing

Email, SMS or print prescriptions along with bills that are auto-calculated. Keep tab of your acocunts right when you are serving your patients.

Video Consultations

Use our in-built video consultation feature, to start a video call with patients and assess them in a better manner.



  • 500 visits
  • Shared Cloud
  • 2 Users
  • Rs. 2500 per month (including 18% GST)


  • 1000 visits
  • Shared Cloud
  • 4 Users
  • Rs. 5000 per month (including 18% GST)


  • Unlimited visits
  • Private Cloud
  • 20 Users
  • Rs. 8000 per month (including 18% GST)


  • Unlimited visits
  • Private Cloud
  • 50 Users
  • Rs. 15000 per month (including 18% GST)
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Customizable Work-flows

Replicate your paper-flow exactly on the system. We can customize your work-flows in a very less turn-around-time to make an solution tailor-made to your requirements.

Patient Experience

Enhance your patients' experience by through our interactive features. Communicate appointment updates, offers and events through text messages and emails.

Manage Labs

Our pathology lab module "eDhanvantari Labs" works as an integrated module within the system as well as an independant product that can be deployed individually.

Award winning application!

Our founder, Sneha, was awarded the "Meity–NASSCOM Startup Women Entrepreneur Awards 2019" as an Emerging Healthcare Startup in October 2019, for eDhanvantari!

Own your cloud!

eDhanvantari can be deployed on a private cloud server that is dedicated to your clinic. Private clouds support clinic-based branding and an enhanced patient experience.

Share your cloud!

eDhanvantari can also be deployed on a shared instance that gives you an affordable yet unique experience. Get same features as the private cloud but for a lesser charge.

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Our clients...

Kulkarni Eye Care & PHACO Centre
Pen, Maharashtra

Nature-Ved Diabetes Clinics
Pune, Maharashtra

Herbayu Wellness India Private Ltd.
Pune, Maharashtra

Anuyash Health Foundation
Pune, Maharashtra

Rasayu Ayurved Clinics
Pune, Maharashtra

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eDhanvantari is a product conceptualized, designed, built and owned by Kovid BioAnalytics. We are a small team of technology enthusiasts providing data management and data analysis services in clinical and medical informatics to organizations, clinics and researchers across the globe!

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